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Sep 22, 2022

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Tips for Increasing Sales this Diwali while Selling Online

Without a doubt, India is known for its diversity and various popular festivals. One of the country’s biggest festivals is the festival of lights, Diwali is also known for its bumper festival sales as customers love to shop during this season. For business owners, it's a golden chance to increase sales in this festival season. As the festive season starts businesses, brands and merchants gear up to roll out festive sales strategies and analyze market trends that can be used to increase their sales. Throughout the year, while customers wait to purchase special items during Diwali; online selling brands save their best deals for this festival. Diwali is a festival of gifts, sweets, and shopping. Giving presents on the occasions of festivals is not limited to friends and family, corporate gifts are another popular tradition.

This Diwali give your customer a great experience of shopping just by clicking here

How to increase sales during Diwali

While the COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected all economies worldwide, Indian markets are also struggling to bounce back during these difficult times. So, to come up with the most relevant strategies to increase sales after the pandemic hit us, the main target shifted towards a ‘digital store'. As India goes digital, e-commerce stores have redefined Diwali shopping top notch for Indian customers.

increase festival sales


Focus on the target audience you want to reach

The most important thing when you craft your Diwali festival sales strategy is your “customer”, who actually buys the foremost everything during Diwali. Interestingly, contrary to popular belief, consistent with SEMrush research, people make the foremost purchases when it comes to shopping on Diwali. We also find that over 50% of buyers at festivals are between the ages of 25 and 34.

The same survey showed what people use during Diwali, with e-commerce topping the chart at 22% of them, followed by travel (18%) and residential goods (14%). This information helps us select products (gift, travel, or home-related products and services) to feature in our advertising and social media campaigns.

target audiance


Learn how to commercialize existing products

Advanced technology makes our lives easier than ever. Many business people prefer e-commerce platforms. As these platforms are seen as saviors for many businesses during the pandemic, they will still make an impact during the holiday season. Promoting your items and products on Flipkart, Amazon, or Snapdeal is the best way to increase festival sales by attracting more shoppers and gaining insight into your target shoppers' buying habits. But on the other hand,  all of them also have the drawback that most operate on a commission-based model, with no fixed fees. On the other hand, e-commerce stores like QPe, Wix, and Shopify operate on a subscription-based model, which is much better because you don't need to pay every time you sell your inventory. If you wish the informational insights these websites provide, you’ll regulate which products are more attractive to potential customers when they prefer to purchase.  you'll also put these insights into practice to inform future portfolio and online selling ideas.

There is a way to promote your store's existing products for Diwali by making only minor or no changes to your online e-commerce store.

For example, as a country store owner, there are many items you'll sell in a fun and festive way to drive traffic to your store.  They will carry items such as Diya and other decorations that can be used for Diwali.  Candles, chocolates, playing cards, and other items that are in high demand for Diwali also can be taken home.  If you own a store, you’ll display your traditional clothing in front of your store – a rangoli or mandala print would be perfect. This Diwali gives your e-commerce store a replacement look. Among all Indian festivals, Diwali is the most popular.  It's a festival that fills houses with twinkling lights, candles, and diyas. Indian e-commerce is witnessing a flood of online buyers during Diwali. Add themes, banners, and other features to your online e-commerce store to feature festive flair. Just like you decorate your home or physical store. An e-commerce platform like QPe gives you the freedom to choose from customized themes, shop banners, WhatsApp stories, and many other features that help you get your customers in a festive atmosphere and immerse them in the shopping wave this festival season.


Expand your product portfolio

What if you discover that you cannot sell your product? Try to find giveaway opportunities in your current product line. Like selling plants, you'll start your pollution-free Diwali campaign and donate a tree today! The target of such a promotion would be corporate buyers and which they can buy in bulk - to offer to their customers and employees.  it’s vital that you simply make a meaningful connection between your product and the theme of the Diwali gift. for all this to be done right you would like a trusted online e-commerce store through which you can manage your inventory and all other days with just a few clicks So, expanding your product range to Diwali isn’t a bad idea. And sure, it can even bring more visitors to your business. It's no big deal when you're thinking about how to manage all this wide variety of inventory. You want a smart e-commerce store that can manage all your operations with just a few clicks.

Festival season portfolio and shopping varieties


Provide attractive deals and discounts to the purchasers

The festival season is when people are in the mood to go shopping.

This way, you’ll easily sell your low-demand products by bundling them with more attractive ones. You can offer site-wide discounts, product-related discounts, and even buy-one-get-one determine how much to lower the price, we first have to determine the profit margin using the following simple formula:

 (Retail Price – Cost) ÷ (Retail Price) = margin of profit

 For most businesses, the perfect discount is 10-20% of the product price. Find out how to set a    profitable discount price. Easily manage your account portfolio from e-commerce stores like QPe, Wix, and more.


Start offering flexible payment options to the purchasers

Allowing your buyers to settle on multiple payment methods, brings you a more satisfying shopping experience and a gentle flow of cash to your business throughout the month.

These outflows are automatically credited to your checking account and can be tracked digitally, so you do not have to worry about it. It creates sufficient information about your earnings and investments that financiers use to assess your financial stability when applying for a commercial loan.

Create a simple, fast, shoppable payment application linked to your Paytm Business account, Google Pay Business, Ponape, Amazon Pay, or the other UPI. Through the webstore, you’ll increase your payment options and access international payment gateways like PayPal, cash-free, and razorpa. Every year, several innovative ideas and thoughts follow the trend and influence change in the way customers celebrate Diwali. Many business ideas can be explored to find the hottest concept for this festival. If you have an innovative Diwali marketing idea and want to generate income, Diwali is the perfect time to turn your idea into a profitable business. An e-commerce platform like QPe offers a tailored solution for every business venture.

digital payment options



Diwali is on the way to spreading its light here and we are all very excited about everything this festival entails. People buy jewelry, clothing, groceries, home décor, basically everything from nails to homes.  You can also hop on the festive wagon and make the most of this festive season by trying some (or all) of these ideas in this article. Make sure everything is pre-configured. No last-hour rush this time. Set up email campaigns, prepare promotions, excel in loyalty programs, sort website content to handle traffic, and more. We've picked out the key elements from our checklist to make your e-commerce business shine in the upcoming festival sales. We hope this helps increase your sales and get you in the holiday spirit! All of these ideas can easily be materialized on platforms like QPe that make life easier as an online entrepreneur. So, sign up now and enjoy!

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