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You can start your online store by following the three simple steps: Add details like business name, logo, contact number, and categories. After that create categories and add products.

You can create a basic no-code store for a subscription of around Rs. 5000 annually and it can go up to Rs. 35000 as per your requirements. The price also includes a set of premium features that will allow you to grow your business.

Of course, In fact, amid the pandemic, online stores have seen a spike of 80% in their sales.

All you need is a platform, product, packaging, and promotion. If you have found the solution to all these points, you will be running a successful business.

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Launch Your Customizable Online Store In Just 3 Simple Steps:

Now say no to the complicated procedure of creating a store and make your product sale live for people around the world in a matter of a few seconds.

Features That Will Help You Grow:

Providing you numerous features like SEO, Bots, Content Automation, and what not? We are here to help you at every stage of your business because we care!

Made For Every Business:

Irrespective of the category, size, and working of your business, you can opt for an easy onboarding with our thousands of pre-designed categories and products catalogs. Whether you are a restaurant chain or an online retailer, we have got you covered.

Capture A New Potential Customer Base For Your Business:

Exposure to the largest potential customer base using our platform. Get your hands on different kinds of services and integrated plug-ins which will help you grow your business.

Get The Option Of Doing Business Remotely:

Now you can control your business on your screen. Whether it is a laptop or a mobile, we make your business accessible to you anytime, anywhere!

Smart On Work, Easy On Pockets:

We offer different kinds of features which include Facebook Live Chat Integration, Facebook Pixel Integration, and Google Analytics Integration which will definitely help you run your online store successfully. Now you need not pay hefty amounts to website developers and get a code-free online shopping site at very reasonable prices.

Get Customer 360 Degree View

Sell via E-Commerce Website

All stores or websites created via QPe are SEO optimized and rank at top in SERPs. Let your customers search for your business over google and reach out to your website to explore product sale and place the orders rightaway. Join and sell products via online store instantly.

Sell via Social Media Platforms

QPe offers a messenger bot integrated store and automate the order processing via facebook messenger. Let your customers place the order via facebook page automatically without any human intervention. Sell products via Facebook and Instagram.

Standardize In-Store Experience

For your digital store, get a dedicated QR code. Share the QR code with customers via whatsapp and get orders directly on your store. Improve the in-store experience of customers by allowing them to scan the QR code, order the items and pay instantly.

Our Customers


5.5x Increase in Customers
Murali Reddy

We've collaborated with QPe a year back and saw a sudden hike in the number of orders in entire business. Though we were already using online mode but due to lack to suitable solution for the business and managing multiple platforms, we were bleeding money in overall business. QPe solved our problem and this is the best tool I could recommend to any business owner. The multi-channel marketing, the automations really solve your pain in business.

Deepak Ramkrishna Omnichannel Director at Mapal Security Solutions
94% Improvement in Conversion
Murali Reddy

We were missing the biggest chunk of customers before using QPe. With the conventional platforms you don't get the automations in order processing especially via social media and we missed this a lot. Customers were complaining about the slow response and we were required to hire more staff to handle those tickets. QPe not only streamlined our online selling with the store but also our customer support and sales. Our Sales Team loves QPe.

Siraj Patel Social Media and Community Manager at The Oriental Spice
1,000,000+ In Sales
Murali Reddy

Prior to QPe, We were operating offline and we never dreamed of the results we will get by going online. We always believe in building a brand customers can trust and this wasn't possible with marketplaces. QPe not only offers a cutting edge technology to go online with the e-commerce website but also state of the art tools to grow your business. It basically talks about the pain we as a business owner going through and we loved this idea.

Swati Maheshwari Manager - Customer Experience, Kaarva

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