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A Terms and Conditions document is considered as the spine of every business but it often gets too complicated when framing it. Now generate a terms and conditions document online without any single person's involvement in just a few minutes, that too for free.

How It Works

Step 1:

Fill All The Details.

Step 2:

Tap On Generate My Terms And Conditions.

Step 3:

Download And Upload.

Why to use it?

Legal Agreement Between You And Your Customer:

Be it an argument or abuse, any of them can tarnish the image of your business in just a second. That is why deciding a set of rules and letting the customers know about it prevents any kind of snags. Everything will be as per the agreement and crystal clear.

Make Your Presence Unique:

You can actually let the outside world know that you own the IPR of this business, that is, the logo, content and everything else. It will be protected by national copyright laws and if copied, they will have to face legal action.

Limit The Liabilities:

Terms and Conditions commonly mentions a disclaimer in which you can limit the owner’s liability in case any error is found in the content displayed on the website.

Includes The Governing Laws:

You will have to include the governing laws, that is, which state’s law and order would be followed if your business get into a legal dispute.

Confidence And Consistency:

The Terms And Conditions Policy, once made, will help you in providing the service consistently that too with great confidence.


It states what will happen or what should happen in different situations.

What Does It Offer?

It can offer you the authority of:

Withdrawing and canceling services.

Manage customer expectations.

Set rules for user behavior.

Create the terms and conditions for your business by:

  • Fill All The Details.
  • Tap On Generate My Terms And Conditions.
  • Download And Upload.

You can do it by following 3 simple steps which are:

  • Fill All The Details.
  • Tap On Generate My Terms And Conditions.
  • Download And Upload.

Since the technology has become so advanced, you can download the terms and conditions just by filling some basic details about your business.

There are 2 simple ways to create terms and conditions, whether you can do it manually or you can download it through free invoice generators provided by saas based platforms like QPe.

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