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QPe is on a mission to create the most accessible all-in-one e-commerce ecosystem and empower millions of businesses/entrepreneurs to start, run, and grow their business.

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We are a team of hardworking individuals who are constantly putting efforts to make the Indian businesses, especially small businesses grow and achieve what they dreamt of while starting the business.


The business market in India has seen a huge dip amid the pandemic, specially brick and mortar businesses. However, most of the small businesses are now willing to come online but do not have proper resources and guidance to do so.

QPe is a software as a service application which is on a mission to become a one stop platform for all businesses (small or big) to sell anything, anytime, anywhere. Democratize E-Commerce by empowering all business owners/SMBs with easy to use full stack & no-code solutions to digitize their business, launch online stores, manage orders/inventory, payments, delivery, marketing/promotions, and get financial help - all from one platform.

With over 15000 merchants and a huge customer base of over 8700+ daily visits, QPe aspires to re-engage the market and help its merchants grow over a period of time.


According to a report by Business Standards, The Indian e-commerce industry is expected to grow to 188 billion dollars of revenue by 2025. Keeping this in mind, QPe has a vision to create the most accessible all-in-one e-commerce ecosystem and we, as a business provider platform, will make sure to add as many SMBs in our journey of online listing and make them a well established brand in the coming future.

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