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Try QPe's POS System for Restaurants to reach your customers directly, take orders online and make food deliveries hassle-free. Manage, run and grow your food business with in-built Restaurant Management System.

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Why Choose QPe for Your Restaurant

Manage and Run Your Restaurant Online

QPe helps Restaurants to operate online with great ease. With QPe, you can manage and speed up Restaurant operations from front-of-house to back-of-house and everything between. Help millions of customers searching “restaurant near me”, “food near me” and manage food pickups and deliveries with one dashboard — similar to Zomato, Swiggy, Ubereats etc.

Take food orders online with your own website and setup your own prices. Pay NO commission and grab all of your profits on every order.

Give your customers an option to either choose “Home Delivery” or “Restaurant Pickup” option. No need to pay extra to aggregators for premium listing. Moreover, own your customers data and use it for marketing and promotions.

Accept any type of payments online or offer “Cash on Delivery” option to your customers. Either deliver food with your own delivery fleet or integrate your website with third party food delivery services with the help of QPe Express.


Take Food Orders via Facebook and Intagram

Connect your Restaurant business with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and allow customers to order food online via in-app Store.

Your in-App integrated Store will automatically display menus to the customers, allowing them to add products in cart and checkout.

In addition, Restaurant owners can choose chatbot integration over Facebook Messenger to reach customers instantly. Chatbot will handle everything from answering queries to accepting orders right away.

Moreover, in order to grow your Restaurant business multi-fold, you can choose from a wide range of social media marketing tools, too.

With powerful automation features, you can post directly on social media business pages or may schedule the posts to get them published later. You can also activate comment automation to automatically reply to your post comments. Sounds awesome, right? Give it a try now!

On Table QR-based Ordering

When you choose QPe for Restaurants, you get a dedicated QR-code for your website or store. You can Print and Paste it at every in-house table or simply accept orders online. Allow customers to order via QR menu, and standardize their dine-in experience.

Replace your printed menu with a digital menu in order to add items, change prices instantly or use dynamic pricing to enjoy the high-profit sales.


Restaurant POS Software

QPe's in-built Restaurant POS Software makes it easier to generate bills and fast KOT printing.

Use the POS over laptop or Android mobile devices. Connect to your printer, create manual bills, kitchen dashboard and what not!

Furthermore, create multiple tables or delivery points from all-in-one dashboard.

What's more?

Create coupons, discount offers for the dine-in or online food ordering. Manage offline as well as online business together.

Advanced Inventory Management System

QPe's Restaurant management system allows owners to manage inventory in various aspects. You can choose limited stock options as well as set “orders can not be accepted” label on items when it is out of stock.

Manage all the aspects of your restaurant business requirements — all from one dashboard.

With all-in-one Restaurant POS system, get notified with minimum stock alert, manage inventory options and everything your food business needs to grow online!


Hungry For More Orders & Revenue?

Connect QPe with your Facebook ads and reduce customer acquisition cost by upto 9X. Use “Click-to-Messenger Ads” option to send potential customers into Messenger, where you can convert the leads, accept payments and discuss further.

Attract customers again by sending them offers and discounts. Keep in touch with your customers.

Collect feedback and reviews from your customers after the service and improve your internal system to serve better.

Your restaurant ecommerce website or digital menu is connected with Messenger. Let your customers order food and find your store online.

Answer customer queries instantly and avoid getting any negative reviews for your restaurant.

Benefits of Using QPe for Your Restaurant

No Commission & Extra Staff

No need to pay hefty commission to any aggregator/marketplace. No need to hire extra staff for social media marketing and customer support. Implement AI for smart conversation and understanding customers & finally convert them.

Own Customer Data & Run Ads

You will have complete control over your business, own customer data and use it for marketing and promotions to reach your customers directly. Get a dedicated ad expert from QPe to run ads over Facebook, Instagram, Google to get more orders and massive sales.

Expand Your Reach

Expand your brand reach by connecting with customers on multiple channels including Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and grow your business.

QPe is the best restaurant billing software where you can generate faster bills, KOT and integrate with your printer. Along with the billing, you can grow your restaurant and allow your customers to order food online.

Large and small scale food industry, FMCG companies, restaurants, food outlets, canteens, bakery, fine dining, fast food, cafe/coffee shop, local family restaurants, QSR, Cake Shop. Manage, run and start selling online with QPe.

Quick Service Restaurant. A QSR restaurant is a specific type of restaurant that offers fast food cuisine and with minimal or no table service.

Yes, it offers restaurant management features along with restaurant ecommerce websites.

Dynamic Pricing or surge pricing or time-based pricing is a strategy where businesses adjust the pricing of their offering according to the demand.

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